Together is a beautiful place to be

Vanessa Chelini - Wedding Planner & Event Designer


your fairy tale wedding ... 
                                ...and not only 


At the end of the day: "the things that make you different are the things that you should celebrate"

Wedding & Event Planner

For you We will be: NO stress, NO last minute panic and NO pressure ... breathe and release! Everything will be under control on the "big day". You will be free to enjoy it and live it with your friends and relatives with nothing to be worried about! 

Wedding & Event Coordinator

Are you the author of your wedding? You do have a clear picture of your perfect day not knowing how to put it in place?

We can be your screenwriters, your production designers and above all ... Vanessa will be your director! 

Wedding & Event Designer

Each event is designed to be personalized, tailor-made, unrepeatable and exclusive! 

The best in the industry will be available to you 

We will transform your dream into reality, exceeding your expectations and dreams