This is me

Introducing myself...

A choice of passion and creativity

Introducing myself...

"For the perfect party, you need a professional that provides you with both the confidence and reliability that the event is a tailor-made one, for you only, and as such simply NOT repeatable". 

In my opinion, to be a Wedding designer does not mean to "save your money" but to make the most of it: to think of what you would never have thought and build something that will go well beyond your dreams. 

Who wouldn't want to fell again the magical sensation of when we were little kids listening to a fairy tale?

Your event is that fairy tale. 

I love this job, the passion that generates every single idea and the process to achieve it. 

I love details, transforming little things into great things, CREATING something unique that remains ineradicable in everyone's mind and for the years to come. 

I like to organize weddings, not only to achieve the magic of the D-day but to make it special to you: you must enjoy it with the people you love, without entrusting tasks to mothers, sisters and friends, because the "unexpected" is always there, and having to manage it would wipe out the enchantment to you all. 

Creativity, empathy and commitment are my strengths and with the collaboration of experts in the field, your story will gradually take shape, and you will exceed your expectations on the day of your event. 

Since 2016 I am training with some of the leading exponents of the industry, deepening skills not only as a Wedding Planner but also with training courses for Flower Designer and Master for Wedding Florist for wedding setup. 

Outcome of these experiences is offering the bride and groom the best support to face every choice with the required awareness. 

My perfect wedding? Everyone in its own way is.

The magic is the empathy that is being created with the couple since the first meeting, in which a clear and transparent relationship are established. Trust and mutual cooperation are strengthened in the unforgettable journey, along with... their Wedding Planner.


creating the event

Organizing a wedding, a party, a theme event, is how to realize the staging of a theatrical work that involves the coordination of various activities such as planning deadlines, management of suppliers, cost management, directing actors, the attention to both the screenplay and the scenography in the places of the event 

..I will be by your side to make everything simple and exciting ... that everything will be perfect and will remain indelible in memory in the years to come

developing the idea 

Are you looking for an inspiration or do you already have clear ideas? You do not have time or do you just want to totally enjoy the serenity and happiness of that day without thoughts? 

You do not know where to start or you are already at a good point but you miss that something, you cannot give a name to? 

I am at your disposal for an initial meeting, let me know your references and I will contact you as soon as possible